In mid-March 2024 we expect the birth of American Pitbull Terrier puppies from these parents:

Father: Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa. Brought from Poland.
Mother: Dognik Bulls Abronia.
We are expecting the birth of black and red puppies. Since the father of the puppies (Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa) does not genetically carry a red nose. That birth of chocolate puppies is impossible. The cost of puppies will depend on the personal qualities of each puppy. Price 1500-2000 euros. Reservations are now open for the best American Pitbull Terrier puppies.
Father: Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa. Brought from Poland. Born of an American father and a Polish mother. Carries the bloodline: Chinaman. He has an excellent friendly character, passionate, and very hardy. Absolute winner of the All-Russian athletics competition for pit bulls and staffs. Absolute winner of sports competitions 5 times in a row in a year! There are from 50 to 100 pit bulls and staffs in competition. In the largest cities of Russia — St. Petersburg and Moscow. 22 prizes in sports in just one year! Winner of Russian coursing and racing competitions. Trained in all obedience standards.
Winner of a special breed show in Moscow judged by ADBA expert Luigi John Matha (Italy). There were 110 pit bulls at that exhibition! And he won first place among everyone! Class winner at the Special Breed Show in Moscow judged by Elena Belova (Finland).
Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa has no genetic diseases. Has no food allergies.
Featured on the cover of the November 2019 ADBA gazette! It is the leading American Pit Bull Terrier magazine in America. Received an excellent rating under the world famous pit bull breeder — Tom Garner! Tom Garner is the founder of such famous pit bull lines as Chinaman, Frisco.
Repeatedly bred in Russia and Spain. He conveys to children his external appearance, excellent psyche, excitement and drive.
Here are the sports results of his children:
wall climbing- 410 cm!
long jump — 580 cm!
a-frame: 48 points per minute!
high jump: 225 cm!
As well as jumping over hurdles, coursing, frisbee and other sports disciplines. One of his daughters: top dog according to the results of the pan-European competition 2023.

Absolutely all Aventador brothers and sisters became champions and grand champions of ADBA in Europe (5 legendary pit bulls — KMK Bloody Sunday, KMK Hannibal Lecter, KMK Mad Trinity, KMK Madison Lee, KMK Speedy Gonzales)! There is no other pit bull terrier litter in Europe that produces so many ADBA champions at the same time. Aventadora’s mother is the first pit bull in Europe with the title P.O.E — Producer of Excellence! The legendary Zwolinski Bullet (born in the Polish kennel Forest Hill Kennel). The only European Pitbull Terrier with this American ADBA title.
Height of Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa: 54 cm. Weight 23 kg.
Photos of pitbull terrier Aventador KMK Rocky Balboa:

Photos of Aventador’s children (KMK Rocky Balboa):

Mother: Dognik Bulls Abronia.
Born from a father brought from America (Real Deal Chocolates). Champion of several countries in exhibitions and sports competitions. 4 times in a row winner of special breed exhibitions for pit bulls in Ukraine and Russia. There are about 100 American pit bull terriers competing. Nickname: Millers Wild Storm Castle.
Born from a mother brought from Brazil. Nickname: Hoffs Banshee.
Dognik Bulls Abronia carries America’s oldest known bloodline, OFRN (Old Family Red Nose). Abronia has a full championship pedigree in European and American sporting competitions. And also in dog shows. Abronia’s great-uncle is the world’s most titled pit bull terrier Fonvielle’s A’n’N Stuff of Legends Boogieman.
Dognik Bulls Abronia is the winner of the “Gold Cup 2023” competition in Moscow. In the young pit bull class. There were about 150 pit bull terriers at this show.
Winner of sports competitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sports results:
Long jump — 550 cm!
Wall climbing — 370 cm!
High jump — 215 cm!
She is preparing to pass several training standards. Absolutely healthy. Has no genetic diseases. Has no allergies.
Passed the psychic test — Finnish mental test. With the best result.
Height: 48 cm. Weight: 22 kg.
Photos of Dognik Bulls Abronia:

All puppies will be registered in the Dognik Bulls kennel. Vaccinated, with a veterinary passport, with ADBA pedigree, with a purchase and sale agreement.
75% of the puppies are pure American blood! Top breeding in our pit bull kennel.

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