Pitbull terriers anibis

The officially registered Dognik Bulls kennel currently sells several American Pit Bull Terrier puppies. Absolutely all of our puppies have a full range of vaccinations, a registered microchip, a veterinary passport, a contract for the purchase and sale of a purebred puppy, and an ADBA pedigree. Additionally, we give the future owner a 10-page A4-sized memo. It describes how to properly feed, walk, and raise a puppy from the Dognik Bulls kennel. This information is very useful for first-time owners who have never owned a dog in their life. This information is also useful for experienced owners.
At the moment, we have two puppies for sale in our pit bull terrier nursery (both boys).
From an out-breeding produced in Poland (but the puppies were born in our kennel) — we have a brindle boy. Pedigree nickname: Dognik Bulls Freddie Mercury. He is 2 months old.

His parents:

Mom: Dognik Bulls Godena. Born from a father brought from America and a mother brought from Bulgaria. Titled at exhibitions. Has health results: does not have a genetic disease — ataxia.
Father: Maximus No Regrets. Born from two Polish pit bulls. But he carries pure American blood in his blood. Titled in sports competitions. Winner of several weightpulling competitions. Absolutely healthy: has an ultrasonography conclusion about a healthy heart. He is certified free of five genetic diseases: ataxia, retinal atrophy type 1, retinal atrophy type 2, degenerative myelopathy, hyperuricosuria. Has x-rays of the elbow and hip joints confirming the absence of dysplasia. The best result: degree AA and 00 (this means that he has perfectly healthy joints).
The pit bull puppy Dognik Bulls Freddie Mercury is absolutely healthy and will soon be ready to go to a new family. Before moving to a new family, the puppy will definitely be examined by a veterinarian. And the result of this examination will be recorded in the veterinarian’s conclusion in the veterinary passport. The price of a puppy is 2000 Swiss francs (2000 euros).
Second puppy for sale. Pedigree nickname Red Hot Chili Pepper. Age — 8 months. Active, kind, athletic American Pitbull Terrier boy. He is absolutely healthy and gorgeous. Reason for sale: our kennel kept several puppies for further selection of which ones to keep in the kennel. The puppies have grown up, their teeth have changed, you can see their character, anatomy and other important details for the future dog. We decided to keep the quiet black girl. The remaining puppies are for sale at the age of 8 months. Two puppies have already been immediately sold to Belgium and the Netherlands. There is only one left — our wonderful Dognik Bulls Red Hot Chili Pepper. Price — 2000 Swiss francs.

The puppy’s father was brought from America. Has health certificates: does not have ataxia and progressive retinal atrophy of the second type. Has fresh blood tests — completely healthy. Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia in exhibitions and sports competitions. A very famous male of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. His parents are American champions in exhibitions and sports.
The puppy’s mother was brought from Bulgaria. Healthy adult dog. Very beautiful, with a wonderful character. Does not have breed genetic diseases (there are certificates about this).
Photos of parents:

Note. The American Pit Bull Terrier breed requires a permit to live in Switzerland. You will need to fulfill all the requirements of your cantonal veterinarian. To obtain permission to own the coolest, kindest and most reliable pit bull from the Dognik Bulls kennel.
Write to us to reserve a puppy. If we don’t have these puppies, we are open for pre-bookings for future puppies. Pit bull terrier anibis of different colors for boys and girls.
Email- dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
The American pit bull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls” is located in Latvia (European Union). Delivery to the Swiss border is available. We will help you fill out all the documents correctly so that you receive permission to own a pit bull in Switzerland.

Pitbull terriers anibis