Real Deal Chocolates kennel

The best pitbull kennel in United StatesReal Deal Chocolates!  We continue their work with a big proud and an attitude. In early 2016 we bought a puppy from RDC kennel. Breeding between Miller’s Eye of the Tiger x Miller’s Brown Sugar. There were 10 puppies and the only one chocolate male. We choose him, our Castle.

From the beginning Castle was totally representative of  Real Deal Chocolates pitbull bloodlines: absolutely gorgeous, totally brave, highly driven, with good bite. We start our own pitbull line, using our Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle- Castlesline pitbulls.

Castle is 6,5 years old now and he has a lot of titles in conformation shows (won Best in Shows 5 times!), has title BBB (Best of the Best in Breed), Champion in Sport competitions for pitbulls, Champion in sport competitions between different breeds competitions. He is also Candidate into Champions into working qualities. His titles received in different European countries.

So, we continue Real Deal Chocolates kennel work in Europe. Castle has near 300 daughters and sons all over the world. We mix him with these lines : OFRN, Red Alert ( US/Russia), Brave Fighters (Russia), DDWW (Ukraine), Jumbo (Jugoslavia).  We receive highly driven pitbulls,  that really loves to work in different areas. This bloodlines are very good with RDC bloodlines. Totally working  healthy dogs.

If you are interested in good Real Deal Chocolates pitbull, feel free to contact us:

Instagram (Real Deal Chocolate pitbulls)- dognikbulls


We’re locared in Europe, in Latvia. But puppies can be delivered to United States or Canada without problems.

Prices 1500-2000 euro ( 1700-2200 dollars) plus shipping.

Look at our awesome Miller’s Wild Storm aka Castle: