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ADBA dog kennel Ireland

Pitbull terrier kennel American
Welcome to ADBA kennel Ireland — “Dognik Bulls”. We have been working and living with the American Pitbull Terrier breed since 2011. All kennel dogs are ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) registered. At the moment, this is the most famous and largest American Pit Bull Terrier association in the world. The pedigree of pit bulls from our kennel can be traced back to the origins of the breed — from the 1900s.
In our ADBA kennel you can get acquainted with the breed, watch the life of our pit bulls on the kennel’s social networks, as well as on the pages of the kennel’s website. You can also buy a pit bull puppy with ADBA pedigree from our kennel.
This is how gorgeous our pitbulls from ADBA kennel Ireland look:
American pitbull terrier kennelAmerican pitbull terrier kennelAmerican pitbull terrier kennel
Notice how athletic and muscular these dogs are. With excellent anatomy, with large thoroughbred heads. Our ADBA pit bull terriers win at exhibitions in Europe and in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Pit bulls from Dognik Bulls show incredibly high results in sports competitions. For example, long jump — 570 centimeters, wall climbing — 380 centimeters, high jump — 225 centimeters.
All our dogs have annual health checks. And also most of the kennel’s dogs were examined for the absence of dysplasia (joint disease). Absolutely all dogs in the kennel do not have breed-specific genetic diseases.
We have several litters of American Pitbull Terriers every year. The price of a pitbull puppy in our ADBA kennel Ireland: 1500-2000 euros. The price for puppies from outside matings in Europe may be higher. We breed our dogs throughout the European Union. To the best males, representatives of the pitbull breed.
Contact us to discuss purchasing a puppy from ADBA Kennel Ireland:
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Our American pitbull terriers live in 25 countries around the world, including America. Delivery is available to any country and city. All you need is a desire to buy the best ADBA pit bull. We organize everything else based on our extensive experience.

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