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Best Pitbulls in Dublin

Welcome to the Dognik Bulls pitbull kennel. Since 2011, we have been working with american pitbull terriers and breeding purebred pitbulls of american lines.
The main stock of the nursery was brought from Central and South America. From time to time we brought dogs from Europe and Russia. Our kennel of the best pitbulls in Dublin includes the following bloodlines: OFRN (Old Family Red Nose — America), Red Alert (America), Jumbo (Yugoslavia), DDWW (old blood, Ukraine).
It is definitely better to see once than to hear a hundred times. Look at our pit bulls. How harmonious and proportional they are, with large beautiful heads. Muscular, passionate, hardy:

The main direction of the Dublin pitbull kennel “Dognik Bulls” is the preservation of the oldest American bloodlines. To do this, from time to time, you do matings outside our kennel (travel matings 2000-3000 km away) in order to dilute the blood of our dogs with other American bloods. We really love, appreciate and respect the work of the Polish nursery Maximus kennel. Repeatedly we bred with males from that kennel. We were absolutely delighted with how the bloodlines of our dogs combined with the lines of the dogs from that kennel.
Our American pitbull terriers are champions of many countries in exhibitions (for example: Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and so on). Winners of sports competitions in many countries, sometimes the number of participants reached 100 participants in one competition! By the way, we not only have personal nursery graduates with amazing results in sports. For example, our pit bulls wall jump 380 cm. Long jump 580 cm. Unsupported high jump 215 cm. But we breed our girls to become regular winners of major sporting competitions around the world. For example, the last mating in our kennel was with a male named KMK Rocky Balboa Aventador. He became the absolute winner of sports competitions for pit bulls and staffs in Russia 5 times in a row within one year. In total, he won 22 prizes that year. Of course, he won in subsequent years. And he left a very big mark on the sports career of American pit bull terriers.
All our dogs are examined for health and we only allow healthy, proven pitbulls to breed.
If you are interested in purchasing the best Pitbull in Dublin, please contact us. In the first message, tell us about yourself, this is a mandatory item.
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
If you live not in Dublin, but in any other city or country, we will help you deliver the best pit bull puppy to you. Pit bulls from our nursery already live in 25 countries around the world.
All puppies leave the nursery vaccinated with European vaccines, with a European veterinary passport, with an ADBA pedigree, with a registered microchip, with a purchase and sale agreement. The nursery currently has several boys and girls for sale.

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