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Pitbull terrier kennel Texas

Pitbull terrier kennel American

American pitbull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls” is officially registered in American Dog Breeders Association. Our kennel is engaged in popularization and familiarization with the american pitbull terrier breed, takes part in conformation shows, competitions and holidays with the participation of pitbulls.
The unique breeding line “DOGNIK BULLS” is aimed at preserving the phenotype and genotype of the american pitbull terrier, bred by the labor of breeders of the past, with a functional exterior and a stable psyche, taking into account the conditions of keeping dogs in a metropolis, and without compromising the working qualities of the american pitbull terrier (Texas).

Our pitbull terriers are distinguished by their athletic build and optimal height-to-weight ratio, necessary for achieving high results in sports. The main specialization of american pitbull terriers in  “DOGNIK BULLS” is driving, assertive dogs for sports and sports training.
We do not sell american pitbull terriers Texas  for any illegal activities!
All of our american pitbull terriers undergo a full veterinary examination before breeding, receive titles, and receive personal genetic health certificates. Most of the american pitbull terriers Texas from our kennel also undergo mental tests. All our dogs and their ancestors are real purebred american pitbull terriers. All our sires have been repeatedly tested for their offspring and have proven themselves to consistently convey their type, excellent health, stable psyche, good social adaptation, learning ability, intelligence and high performance.

American pitbull terrier kennelAmerican pitbull terrier kennel
Our pitbulls perform well as pets; all our dogs live in families and get along well in families with children of any age.
Our pitbulls also have victories at special breed, European and international exhibitions. They have many titles in sports in different European countries.
The founder of the Dognik Bulls breeding line is the male Millers Wild Storm aka Castle. Brought from the american pitbull terrier Kennel in Florida- “Real Deal Chocolates”. Candidate for champion in working qualities, champion of the Russian club, champion of several European countries in exhibitions and sports competitions.

You have the opportunity to buy an american pitbull terrier puppy Texas in our kennel. Currently kennel is located in Europe (Latvia). But we deliver dogs to the United States of America.
The kennel currently has several american pitbull terrier puppies for sale Texas. Contact us for complete information:
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
Our american pitbull terrier bloodlines: OFRN, Red Alert, Lonzo, Jumbo, DDWW, Brave Fighters.
You can write to me in English and Russian. I also speak Spanish a little.

Veronika Voitovska, kennel owner. Doctor. Cynolog expert. Animal psycholog.

Pitbull terrier kennel Texas, buy pitbull puppy Texas