Архив метки: Buy white pitbull in Ireland

Buy white pitbull in Ireland

In our American pitbull terrier kennel “Dognik Bulls” you can buy a white pitbull puppy in Ireland.
Pitbulls from our kennel do not have allergies (and this is very important for any white dog). All of our Pitbulls have genetic testing, heart screenings, and general screenings. Only healthy American Pit Bull Terriers are used for breeding. Also, our American pit bull terriers take part and win in sports competitions and exhibitions throughout Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.
We mainly use pure American breeding lines, with a small addition of European and Russian blood. Our pitbull lines: OFRN, Red Alert, Lonzo, Boudreaux, DDWW.
Our pit bulls live a long time, they are a long-lived line.
This is what white pitbull puppies look like in our kennel:

We have 5-6 white pitbull puppies born in Ireland every year. Therefore, you need to reserve this exclusive color in advance. If you would like to buy a white pitbull in Ireland, please write to us:
Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls
All of our Pitbull puppies undergo early socialization at the kennel. We teach them to play with other dogs and to walk outside (in the warm season, puppies begin to walk from three weeks, in the cold season from four weeks). We teach him to wear a leash and collar, trim his nails and clean his ears. All of our puppies are socialized with children daily. You are getting an excellent, purebred, socialized, white pitbull puppy.
All puppies are dewormed three times, vaccinated, receive a European veterinary passport, ADBA pedigree, and a registered microchip. The price of a white pitbull puppy in our kennel depends on the parents of the puppy. On average it is 1500-2000 euros. We do both matings within the nursery and outdoor matings abroad. Puppies from outside matings are more expensive. At the same time, we breed our dogs to top pit bull dogs around the world. You will get a truly high quality American Pitbull Terrier from Dognik Bulls.
Examples of adult pitbulls from our Dognik Bulls kennel:

Buy white pitbull in Ireland. White pitbulls in Ireland