Архив метки: the puppy eats the sofa how to deal with it

A puppy or dog ruins things. How to deal with this?

Hello, my name is Veronika Voitovska. I am a doctor, expert dog handler, and animal psychologist. She is also the owner of the kennel of serious dog breeds “DOGNIK BULLS” (American pit bull terriers and American bullies). I have been in cynology for two decades. I have 15 of my own personal dogs. 10 pit bull terriers and 5 American bullies. As well as our own dog breeding and puppies. I counsel many dog ​​owners every day. Thanks to my experience, I will help you too.
Have you got a puppy of any breed (pit bull terrier, shepherd, shih tzu, poodle, labrador, etc.) and he is mischievous and ruins things? This is fine. I will help you better understand your dog and get rid of the problems of home vandalism.
Frequent reasons why puppies and dogs spoil things at home, chew walls and steal socks:
1. The puppy or dogs are not intellectually loaded. That is, there is little work for the brain. This can be corrected by adding the right mental challenge.
2. The puppy or dog does not have a nervous system balance between excitation and inhibition. Simply put, the dog is unable to stop in time after activity.
3. The puppy or dog does not know how to control its emotions in the presence of stimuli. Irritants are other dogs, cats, fireworks and firecrackers, getting ready for a walk, familiar and unfamiliar people, and more.
4. Also, the dog may simply be bored. And she begins to entertain herself. Plays with everything he sees. After all, we remember that for a small puppy, any thing is a toy. And when the puppy plays with the ball, you, the owner, are not interested in this game. And when the dog takes the sock and runs with it, you run after it. A chain of connections arises in the dog’s head: I play with the sock — the owner interacts with me — it’s fun — I need to do this more often.
5. Also, some puppies and dogs seriously damage furniture, sofas, walls, and chairs. And some even swallow pieces of foam rubber from the sofa, thereby causing stomach diseases (blockage of the stomach or intestines and emergency veterinary operations).
6. Also, a dog or puppy may be scared to be left alone, so he spoils things in the apartment or house. For example, if he is incorrectly taught to remain alone since childhood. Or the puppy/dog was affected by a move or a change of owner.
How to solve the problem when a puppy or adult dog chews everything and destroys the apartment? Sign up for a consultation with me. I will help you understand the reason why your dog chews all the things in the apartment. I will also help you solve this problem.
Let’s discuss how to deal with bad behavior at home and on the street.
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