The best kennel of American Bully Pocket

American Bully Pocket Kennel “Dognik Bulls” presents a new litter of puppies. Blue (gray) tricolor puppies. Imported parents, a full set of documents, genetic tests.
Father: Chaw Li Iva San Attilus. Imported from Russia. Young male American Bully. Champion of Latvia, Grand Champion of Belarus, absolute winner of “Bully Show-2023”. Has tests for the absence of genetic diseases (5 diseases characteristic of the American Bully Pocket breed). This is his second litter of American Bully puppies.
Mother: Dognik Bulls Lilibet. Brought from the Moscow nursery “Smile House Bully” (Russia). Has no breed diseases. This is her second litter of puppies. The first puppies grew up to be strong, powerful, muscular American Bully Pockets. Her first litter was born from an American Bully Pocket male imported from America.
There are currently several American Bully Pocket type puppies available for sale. Color: blue tricolor. Price 3000 euros.
All puppies leave the best American Bully Pocket nursery wormed, vaccinated, with a registered microchip, ABKC pedigree, and a European veterinary passport. We send our best American Bully Pocket puppies to new homes from the age of 8 weeks. Our dogs live in 25 countries around the world.
For questions about booking and purchasing American Bully puppies from the best kennel, write to:
Instagram: dognikbulls
We also have open reservation for American Bully puppies of the “standard” and “classic” types. Puppies are born in 1 month.
We help and advise on the cultivation and education of all our graduates of the Dognik Bulls kennel.

The best kennel of American Bullies Pocket, the best kennel of American Bullies