Where to buy a healthy American Bully

We have puppies for sale in our kennel!
The American Bully Kennel “DOGNIK BULLS” offers healthy and strong puppies for sale. Parents are imported from Russia. This is mom’s second litter of puppies and dad’s second litter of puppies. The parents are young, active, healthy and examined. With personal health certificates.
American Bully Kennel «DOGNIK BULLS» sells puppies from tested parents. This means that the parents are certified to be free of genetic diseases associated with the American Bully breed. We also pay great attention to the functionality of American Bullies. We want our puppies to live to old age. That’s why we breed American Bullies with good nostrils and muzzles of moderate length. If you have already looked for American bullies (puppies or seen adult dogs), you may have noticed that many have narrow nostrils. And also extremely short muzzles. This makes life much more difficult for American Bullies. It is harder for them to breathe, run and jump. They tolerate heat very poorly and are more prone to overheating, heatstroke and sudden cardiac arrest. Therefore, in our American Bully nursery “DOGNIK BULLS” we select parents without these shortcomings. We also do not breed extreme type dogs — very short, very wide, with turned out front legs and elbows. Such American bullies are disabled from birth. Indeed, there are American Bully breeders who breed such dogs and sell them. They don’t care that their puppy will live no more than three years. For us (me and my husband) it is important that our dogs live as long as possible. We love them and care about their health. I am a human doctor myself. And the health of people and animals is very important to me.
Therefore, in our kennel you can only buy a healthy American Bully puppy. We also have additional services. Before the puppy arrives at your home, you can order a full examination. This includes echocardiography of the heart, general and biochemical blood tests. This will confirm that your American Bully puppy is healthy. At the moment (for 2024) this service from our veterinarians costs 500 euros. Please note that we perform cardiovascular examinations with the best doctor in the country. The entry for him is large. Therefore, warn about the need for additional examinations immediately when reserving a puppy. It is always harder to get to the best doctors than to get to ordinary doctors.
But even if you do not want additional examinations, we still examine all American Bully puppies at the veterinarian. Before leaving for their new homes, all of our puppies are additionally examined by a veterinarian. And they receive a fresh entry in the European veterinary passport about the examination and health status.

All our healthy American Bully puppies go to new families wormed, vaccinated, with a veterinary passport, with a registered microchip, and with an ABKC pedigree. The ABKC pedigree is the most reliable registration of purebred American Bullies in the world.

The nursery now has healthy American Bully puppies for sale. Price 3000 euros. If you are looking for where to buy a healthy American Bully puppy, write to us:

Email: dognikb@gmail.com
Instagram: dognikbulls

Our healthy American Bullies live in 25 countries around the world. Therefore, we will deliver a puppy to you, even if you live very far from our kennel.

Best regards, Veronika Voitovska. Owner of the DOGNIK BULLS kennel for healthy American bullies. Doctor. Expert dog handler. Animal psychologist

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