Where to buy a healthy pitbull puppy?

Answers to the question: “Where to buy a healthy American Pitbull Terrier puppy.” I will tell you the main points that you need to pay attention to when buying a healthy pit bull terrier puppy.
My name is Veronika Voitovska, I have been a breeder of American Pitbull Terriers for over 10 years. I have an officially registered kennel of healthy American pit bull terriers “Dognik Bulls”. Registration with ADBA.
The main points that you need to know before buying an American Pitbull Terrier puppy in Europe, America, Brazil, Canada, and post-Soviet countries. No matter where. These rules apply to all countries and all pit bull terriers.
How often can a female American Pitbull Terrier give birth? A dog should give birth no more than once a year. No more than 5-6 times in your entire life. Much depends on the dog. In our kennel there are dogs that gave birth 2 times during the entire breeding activity. As an exception, it is acceptable for a dog to give birth to two litters of puppies in a row and then rest for approximately two years.
Each puppy must have a European veterinary passport. Not an internal passport of the country, which is easy to buy at any pet store and fake. An official veterinary passport approved by the European Commission. This will allow the dog to travel without restrictions throughout its life and not have problems with borders and customs.
The puppy must be vaccinated and signed by a veterinarian. It’s not like some breeder bought vaccines somewhere back home, stored them somewhere, ruined them, and then vaccinated the puppies. Namely, normal vaccination at a veterinary clinic. I had a case. People bought a puppy from me. Then they wanted another one, but the prices in our nursery at that moment did not suit them. They bought «cheaper» nearby. The puppy did not have an official microchip, normal pedigree from a recognized organization. And the puppy was not properly vaccinated. As a result, this puppy simply died at the age of 6 months. Saved? Have you found joy in owning a sick dog? When buying a pit bull terrier, we think that he will live with us for 10-15 years. And they are not ready to bury him at 6 months. The “save” option doesn’t work here. On average in the European Union, the first vaccine + European passport + microchip costs 80-120 euros (for 2024). The second comprehensive vaccine + rabies vaccination + clinical examination before leaving for a new home costs approximately 60-100 euros (depending on the country and the clinic’s prices, it may be more expensive).
Parent examinations. American Pit Bull Terriers have breed genetic diseases. They can be avoided by testing parents. It costs 200-300 euros per parent. The price depends on the laboratory; there are several of them throughout Europe. Further, for example, a heart examination in Europe costs from 180 to 600 euros. Depends on the country. In post-Soviet countries it is cheaper and costs about 100 euros from a good veterinarian-cardiologist.
Any American Pitbull Terrier must have an ADBA pedigree. If there is no ADBA pedigree, then they are trying to sell you anything, anyone, but not a purebred American pit bull terrier.
Therefore, there is no way you can buy a healthy American pit bull terrier puppy for 500-1000 euros. This won’t even cover the cost of raising the puppies. I no longer mention the exhibitions of the parents, the quality of their pedigrees, the rarity of the bloodlines. And if the parents were brought from well-known nurseries overseas, then the price of a normal healthy pit bull puppy will start from 2000 euros.
Unfortunately, the full text will be too long. Therefore, if you really want to buy a healthy American Pitbull Terrier puppy, then write to our kennel. I will advise you on all questions and help you choose the puppy of your dreams.
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At the moment, the nursery has healthy ADBA American Pitbull Terrier puppies for sale. From several breeding pairs. Delivery anywhere in the world. Full documentary support + assistance from the kennel throughout the dog’s life.

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