Working American Pit Bull Terriers
Or working bred pitbull terriers.
What does it mean? These are American Pit Bull Terriers, whose pedigree consists of working ancestors in the nearest tribes of the pedigree. If the pit bull itself is not a worker at the same time (that is, it was not in matches, the so-called fights of American pit bull terriers), then this is a working breeding pit bull. If a working breeding pit bull participated in battles, then he himself is a working pit bull.
In the modern world, when we say «working pit bull» we mean not only fights, but also sports standards for pit bulls, protective training and so on. But historically, match pit bull terriers participating in battles are called workers.
In our kennel of American pit bull terriers Dognik Bulls, all dogs in one way or another have ancestors of working breeding. Some are in the next tribes of the genealogies, some are in the distant ones.
From the main lines of working breeding pitbulls we have: Jumbo (Yugoslavia), DDWW (Ukraine), Red Alert (America/Russia).
For example, our Dognik Bulls Anksunamun was brought from Bulgaria and is the only representative of pure Jumbo lines in the country.

Our Dognik Bulls Indiana was brought from Dagestan, it carries the pure blood of pit bulls of the Red Alert line of working breeding.

Our Dognik Bulls African Passion, brought from Moscow, combines two lines of working breeding pit bulls — Red Alert and DDWW.

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