Best pitbull kennel in Europe

Welcome to the best american pitbull terrier kennel in Europe «Dognik Bulls».

Our pitbull kennel is one of the largest in the European Union. Officially registered in ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association). We have been working with pitbulls since 2011.
Our pitbulls were brought from America, Brazil, Bulgaria, Russia, Dagestan. We have pitbulls of the following bloodlines: OFRN (Old Family Red Nose-USA), Red Alert (USA/Russia), DDWW (Ukraine), Jumbo (Yugoslavia). After many years of breeding work, we got our own breeding line — Castlesline pitbulls.
Our pitbulls are healthy, athletic, hardy, muscular dogs with a stable psyche. Winners of monobreed and all-breed dog shows. The best pitbulls from the Dognik Bulls kennel also win sports competitions in many countries. Our pitbulls live with children and other animals. In our kennel, puppies communicate with 7 children every day! Also, our pitbull puppies communicate with adult dogs of the kennel. We pay great attention to the socialization of all pitbull puppies in the kennel. So that healthy, beautiful, with excellent psyche pit bulls come to the owners. So that you take a pit bull puppy, a leash in your hands and immediately go to enjoy the walk.
We deliver puppies throughout the EU and beyond.  Pitbulls from Dognik Bulls live in 22 countries of the world! Puppies in our kennel are vaccinated, all have a veterinary European passport, microchip, ADBA pedigree. All puppies are examined by a veterinarian before leaving for new homes.
We are by right the best pitbull kennel in Europe. You can safely contact us about buying a pitbull puppy. In the future, we advise all owners of our pitbulls. We help with cultivation, education, exhibitions, sports.
A few photos of adult dogs from the best pitbull kennel Dognik Bulls:

To buy a pitbull puppy, write to us:
Instagram: dognikbulls
Whatsapp +37127118654
Now we have pit bull puppies for sale:
Female Dognik Bulls Highway to Hell. 1500 euro

Female Dognik Bulls Kiss. 1500 euro

Female Dognik Bulls Millarka. 1500 euro

Female Dognik Bulls Fabiana. 1500 euro

Male Dognik Bulls Red Hot Chili Pepper. 1500 euro

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